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Product Description
Quick Overview: OAT BETA GLUCAN
Oat beta-glucan is a non-starch polysaccharide consists of (1,3), (1,4)- β- glucan
- Classified as dietary fibre and it cannot be digested in human digestive system.
- Once consumed. the β-glucan swells and hydrates in stomach, creating a sense of satiety.
- At the same time, it results in higher viscosity (gel form) in the upper gut fue to its high molecular weight, thus reducing cholesterol level effectively.
Brown Rice: Brown rice is unpolished whole grain rice that is produced by removing only the outermost layer, the hull or husk.
Brown rice has :
`High dietary fiber
`High in Fat
`High phytic acid
`Decreases serum cholesterol
`Rich in B Vitamins and minerals
`Considered a low glycemic index food
Ultralec ® Deoiled Lecithin Ultralec® Deoiled Lecithin is a concentrated Lecithin that contains high level of choline, which is an important precursor for many biochemical functions. Choline helps provide structure and fluidity in cell membranes, improves transfer nerve impulses to the brain and circulatory system, and aids in lipid and cholesterol transport and metabolism.
Direction to take: 1) 1 sachet of Swiss Oat Advance provide 3.5g of beta-Glucan. Once daily.
2) Pour the content of sachets into a cup. Add 250ml of water (room temperature). Stir well and ready to serve. Preferably to be taken before meal.

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